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Download Covert Alert, the first voice-activated personal safety app.

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Always listening.

When activated, Covert Alert is listening to a situation where you need help.

Hands-free security.

In an emergency situation, every second counts. With Covert Alert, you're silently protected, keeping any predator unaware that you have summoned help.

Get help where and when you need it most.

When you trigger an emergency alert, your previously selected contacts will receive a message providing your location and describing your situation in real time.

Protect yourself by recording any sensitive situations that may impact your well-being.

By activating this feature, you have secretly documented conversations that can be used for later reference.

Message without moving a finger.

Assign key phrases that trigger secret messages sent to your chosen contacts.

What they're saying about Covert Alert
Rebecca B.
"I can honestly say that I feel so much safer with this app! I've tried multiple other manual safety apps and I've never really been sold on them, but this one takes the cake! As a millennial girl and living on campus, this app has really changed the game. Walking from campus to the dorms, the bars or even just to my car, I no longer have to worry about being the next campus horror story. Such a relieving feeling!"
"I love Covert Alert! I can voice-activate texts to be sent to colleagues in order to espace unproductive meetings, or if by chance I was abducted, I could voice-activate Covert Alert to contact my family and friends and alert them of my situation. Covert Alert will also begin recording what's going on around me and report my location through GPS! So cool!"
"This app works as advertised. I had it working and responding to my voice in just a few minutes. I told my kids about it and I'll feel better knowing they can always contact me quickly."
"If you've ever been or lived in an abusive home or had threats made from an ex-boyfriend, you will know what I am talking about when I tell you this app truly has a "calming" effect. I don't have any family that lives nearby, and with my history of being in life threatening circumstances, this is exactly what I needed. I just downloaded this app, and I already love it. Don't wait til it's too late guys, this is a must-have for all!"
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